Company Information

MGV Stromversorgungen GmbH

Founded: 1981
Registered office: Munich
Area of activity: Development and manufacture of electronic power supplies

Main Products

  • Value-Added System Solutions
  • Customised solutions in the 20 to 5000-watts range
  • 19 inch – AC/DC and DC/DC switch controllers 3U / 6U from 60 to 360 watts
  • Compact power supplies for DIN rails or wall mounting from 15 to 2000 watts

Range of Services

  • Development, manufacture and distribution based at Munich plant
  • Highly-automated production facilities
  • SMD assembly (MIMOT Advantage)
  • In-circuit testing and automatic startup (Genrad, SPEA)
  • 100% functional, high-voltage and fatigue testing

Core Competencies

  • High technical competence
  • Product quality and long-term reliability
  • Flexibility and speed
  • Service (short delivery times, customer service, technical advice)
  • Support (before, during and after purchasing)
  • Individuality (individual service, specialised in meeting customised requirements)
  • MGV first obtained ISO 9000 approval in 1991 and ISO 9001:2015 approval in 2016

Customer base > 600

  • Industrial plant and equipment
  • Automation and control technology
  • Robotics and drive technology
  • Laser technology
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Renewable energy (wind power and photovoltaic)
  • Safety and process control technology (power generation, buildings, traffic)
  • Telecommunications and transmission systems
  • Mobile telecommunications and broadcasting
  • Medical engineering
  • Measurement and testing technology
  • Air-conditioning systems