Microcontroller – indispensable
Microcontrollers (µC) have been used at MGV since 2002, and on the primary side of its switch-mode power supplies since 2004. As a result, we have realised power supply solutions that would not have been viable without this component – or would have called for considerably more time and money.
In addition to the usual analogue technology, µCs take over various control and monitoring functions inside the power supply. They can also be used to realise and program other miscellaneous functions (power boost solutions with varying intervals). These multifunctional components help to save board space and increase our flexibility in satisfying customer requirements.

Advantages for switch-mode power supplies

The use of microcontrollers for simple functions (indicators, timing, protection) offers many advantages compared with constructions based purely on analogue components.

These include more flexibility during operation, lower costs, reduced complexity, more compact design by saving on components, increased fault tolerance and higher MTBF. Such monitoring and management functions („housekeeping“) have become standard elements of economic expediency.

Beyond this, data storage, fault diagnosis and communication are also possible, e.g. with industrial PCs.

Wherever it makes sense – digital power

Our experience is not restricted solely to the use of µCs (8-bit) in various switch-mode and other power supplies. DSCs (digital signal controllers) with data widths ranging between 16 bit and 32 bit are for instance used for more demanding management tasks, as in UPS systems.

If required by customers or the market as a whole, we are also in a position to realise fully-digital concepts (keyword „Digital Power“).