For more than three decades we have been developing switch-mode power supplies for almost every area of application. Innovation and quality are essential for our “German-made” appliances. Our special MGV service offering represents an optional extra based on individuality, flexibility and total customer orientation.

We pay attention to every detail – from consultancy and development to serial production, from product availability to support.

1981 Founded as MGV Margret Gruber Vertrieb GmbH
1984 Specialisation in primary switch-mode power supplies
1991 MGV first obtained ISO 9001 certification
1992 Introduction of automated production (SMD assembly)
1995 MGV´s first DIN-rail power supply
2000 In-circuit testing (ICT) with automatic startup
2000 Annual sales topped €10 million for the first time
2002 First microcontroller in MGV power supplies,
Introduction of a new SMD assembly line,
ISO 9001:2000 certification
2003 Flying Probe test system
2004 Strategic partnership between PULS and MGV
2006 Super Slim family – a new generation of compact
book-sized DIN-rail power supplies up to 1000W
2007 19“ series expanded P140R based on microcontroller technology
2008 New areas of application opened up, e.g. in the sectors of drive technology,
wind power plants and semiconductor manufacturing systems
2009 MGV´s first fully digitally-controlled power supply unit
2011 Certificate DE AEOF 111991
2013 Value-Add System Solutions
2016 ISO 9001:2015 certification