Switch-mode Power Supplies with Service and Support

MGV´s switch-mode power supplies
Providing you with maximum quality and reliability. So after your power supply is installed, you can lean back and relax.
We are there for you.

You not only purchase a power supply, but also receive full service from a qualified service provider.

We offer our professional know-how, providing support in your specific area of application before, during and after your purchase.


  • Individual and personalised technical support
  • Competent advice based on your power supply specifications
  • Quotations prepared at short notice
  • Sample orders


  • Terms of payment and delivery
  • Short-term delivery of standard appliances from our main series
  • Flexibility: wide range of models (e.g. with varying output voltages), modifications
  • Enhanced technical features upon request when designing the relevant appliances


  • Fast technical support in the case of questions or problems
  • Three-year warranty for standard equipment
  • Repair service